Tomorrow, Today

Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of
the Singapore Institute of Architects

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Venice Biennale 

When is enough, enough?
Sat, 20 May 2023 – Sun, 26 Nov 2023
SALE D’ARMI A, Arsenale, Venice

The Performance of Measurement

In building the city we love, how do we measure the unmeasurable?

The Singapore Pavilion foregrounds architects and researchers whose practices aim to elicit inclusion, connection, freedom, attachment, attraction, and agency in the city. In examining design processes that work for these six goals, we uncover challenges and contradictions and bring to light methods of addressing diverse preferences. What is revealed are tensions between extreme positions and opportunities to envisage the potential spectrums in between. What measures do we have to take to live by our values? How do we calibrate for different entities, environments, and dreams?

When is enough, enough?