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Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of
the Singapore Institute of Architects

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SIA60 x 60 Parties 

60 Parties & Celebrations
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For the institute’s special 60th anniversary, let’s hold 60 parties and celebrations over the course of 2023! Celebrate architecture and SIA60 with your own party and tag #SIA60! We would love to repost and celebrate these occasions with you.


Brick and Mortar Party

Loving the vibe at the party held at their multi-award-winning project A Brick & Mortar Shop.


Appreciation Night

There are many #siamembers working tirelessly with SIA to make magic happen. Earlier this week, we held Appreciation Night to recognize all the efforts by individuals who have served in various committees of SIA. Thank you for your creativity, time and devotion to better our architectural community.
We also took the opportunity to appreciate our sponsors and supporters who help us continue to serve our members.


YAL Night

We kickoff YAL SIA60 year with a sushi platter party in @singaporeinstituteofarchitects! A light-hearted evening of sushi, drinks, games and simply getting to know new friends in our architecture community.


Past Presidents' Birthday Party

#throwback to a happy occasion when we gathered many of our past SIA presidents to kickstart SIA60. We took the opportunity to celebrate Mr. Alfred Wong and Ar. Tham Tuck Cheong’s birthday too!

We thank our Past Presidents for their continued involvement and advisory at SIA and look forward to celebrating their birthdays this year as part of the SIA60 series of parties.


4 Nations Live Design Discourse (LDD)

It’s a wrap for the 8th edition of the 4 Nations Live Design Discourse (LDD)! Last night’s final presentations were illuminating and inspirating for the different takes on Loveable Buildings and Spaces at the Golden Mile Complex.

On a broader perspective, the conversations that ensued provided much food for thought and points to worthy questions that architects and planners should continue asking through our work. How do we conserve a Brutalist Beauty against seemingly differing contemporary values? How do we ensure a sense of connection and attachment - felt by existing communities built up over time, in place - are not side-lined by qualities like attraction and novelty?

A special shoutout to all the participants whose hard work inspired such meaningful discourse!
The LDD is organised by SIA and our like-minded association partners Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia, Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia, and The Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage.