Tomorrow, Today

Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of
the Singapore Institute of Architects

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SIA60 Logo Competition 

39 Entries
SIA Membership Community

Winning Design

Ar. Quek Li-En & Ammar Malek
Quen Architects

The 60th Anniversary logo is designed to illustrate our efforts to innovate architecture beyond our limits without forgetting our roots, into a future that is forward-looking and ripe with opportunities.

The SIA logo is transformed by a 60 degree shear, representing the new ways we have looked at and thought about architecture in the past 60 years.

The existing font is kept to represent our roots and heritage that we should reflect on as we design for the future.

The forward shift of the letters represents us pushing ourselves outside of our boundaries and comfort zones, into the future.

Design Submissions

To kick start the year-long celebration, SIA invited the SIA membership community to participate in a logo design competition that reflects the theme of SIA 60.

We received 40 over entries with one being the overall winning design by Ar. Quek Li-En and Ammar Malek of Quen Architects.

Honorary Mentions go to Ar. Wendy Tan Kuan Kuan, and Ar. Ng William of STUDIO WILLS+ Architects.