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the Singapore Institute of Architects

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Archifest 2023 


“Interim” is an invitation to rethink our built environment as continually being in a state of transition. Presenting itself as a lab, this edition of Archifest investigates the potential of adaptive architecture as the mode of action in response to pressing environmental, cultural and technological change.

Evident in planning and policy language, Singapore is no stranger to the “interim” with its range of discrete stopgap interventions. While this thinking has powered us through a hyper-efficient production of our city, we can no longer afford to be uneasy with the temporal necessity of continual change as our city matures and navigates an increasingly volatile world.

Allowing the city and its structures to constantly adapt and incrementally evolve across scale and time, can empower us to anticipate and manage the uncertainty intrinsic in our broader ecological and social circumstances. Bringing together practitioners of the built environment locally and regionally, Archifest is a collective endeavour to explore new paradigms of architecture that embraces the “interim” as a responsive strategy towards shaping a more resilient and sustainable future.